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Database Development

Benefit from what we are good at: writing web database systems that generate real benefits for your business.

Web Application Development

You need an web appplication to increase the efficiency of your business processes? We build the applications to make it happen

Solutions for the maritime industry

We offer a wide range of solutions for crewing, training and manning

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Masters of Arts Anwendungsentwicklung Ltd.
You have ambitious plans. We pave your way – to the finish and beyond.

Masters of Arts was established in 2001. In fact, the company's history begins somewhat earlier: Founder Manfred Schreiner begins to develop databases in 1995. His success leads to the point at which he can no longer handle the incoming projects all by himself. After six years as a freelancer, Schreiner establishes the Masters of Arts Anwendungsentwicklung GmbH. The company grows along with its challenges and the volume of orders, and it keeps growing. Schreiner: "We employed a large number of permanent employees, which are supported by qualified and experienced freelancers, depending on the type of projects. In addition, we ask in particular in the areas of graphics, communication and translation from the established agencies board. True to Socrates, we know not only what we can do, but also what we can't do. And if there is anything we can't do, we know who is the best for the good of the project." Each and every Masters of Arts client relies on the competence of Manfred Schreiner and Masters of Arts since the company's establishment and some even longer.

  • 2001

    established as Masters of Arts Anwendungsentwicklung in Hamburg, Germany

  • 2007

    launch of our first standard software for maritime companies: HansaCrew

  • 2009 + 2011

    with HansaTraining and HansaCrew Manning Edition we now offer the most complete crewing solution

  • 2014

    development of HansaCrew OnBoard - our solution boards the vessels What will the future hold for us?

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Our Management

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Manfred H. Schreiner, M.A.
Business Manager
Wenhao song
Technical Director
Bin Chen
Research & Development Director

We are looking for...

... employees striving for high standards regarding their own work quality and recognizing that their own output is the precondition for the work of others. You are foreseeing the requirements of both internal and external clients while collecting them actively. You are organizing your team while efficiently managing time and available resources.

You are taking carefully considered risks to reach goals. Your communication is clear and structured in both one-on-one and group situations. You are showing authority, integrity, and credibility. Your mindset is cost conscious, inter-divisional, and strategic. You are leading by being a personal role model. You are matching this profile? In this case, we offer you an interesting and challenging job, either in freelance or permanent position – and gladly at short notice. We're looking forward to meeting you!

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