Internship Summary: Mr. Chi

From Mr. Chi (Intern from Tongji University)

Masters of Arts Co. Ltd is a software development company which is located in Hamburg, Germany. During my internship here, I have improved my programming skill.

My responsibilities are as followed:
• Developing Global Knowledge Management System for Beiersdorf AG;
• Developing Web Feature for SharePoint Server 2007;
• Developing Database using Microsoft SQL Server 2008;
• Developing ASP.NET Web Forms Application using C#.

Besides knowledge, I have the opportunities to learn about Germany culture, which is a lot different from Chinese. Interestingly, the differences are smaller with young people than old ones. Jeans, Coca-Cola, Hip Pop and so on, all these elements are not new to me. Culture shock comes from every aspect, but I get used to new culture soon.

The Germans are famous for preciseness and seriousness, especially when working. But it is quite happy to work them. My colleagues are very, very good at programming and have helped me a lot. No matter what kind of problems, easy or hard, they will explain step by step until I understand completely.

It is the first cooperation between MOAA and TJSSE, I do not think my performance shames my name or my school’s honor.