Internship Summary: Ms. Han

From Ms. Han (Intern from Tongji University)

I have worked in MOAA for almost six months. Throughout the internship I experienced such challenging and colorful days. Both the company and the nation of German impressed me deeply.

Since the first day of working in MOAA, I found that the company is far more fulfilling and organized from what I had initially thought. The harmony and the friendly cooperation among colleagues give me a strong feeling as being in a big warm family. Helpfulness, no discrimination, just working together full filled of passion and motivation.

MOAA is a competitive company which has a long standing partnership with several large multinational enterprises. In software development and consulting for these enterprises, it is a professional and trusted IT company. Working here, I have the chance to join in the project architecture discussion and technology training for software development, as well as the chance of communicating with the customers in English directly. To be honest, the experience of the six months internship improved me greatly, whether in the knowledge accumulation in technologies or the broad overview on the oversea life and career.

When I faced problems in the assigned task, the manager always encouraged me to be confident and guided me to solve the problems. And when I made some mistakes in works, the colleagues always helped me to correct them patiently instead of criticism or judging. The affirmation and the persistent spirit from the surrounding push me to move on bravely.

I appreciate having the chance to do my internship here. The wonderful time in MOAA will be some kind of treasure in my memory.