Internship Summary: Ms. Wang

From Ms. Wang (Intern from Tongji University)

I began my internship in Masters of Arts GmbH since July of 2011.

When I came here, I did a web application according to customers’ requirements.

It uses MVC architecture, views, models and controllers. Also a lot of JavaScript is needed. It is easy for most of us.

Every time, when you pushed your task to GIT (version control software), one of our colleagues here will review your code. And he points out where you should improve and why you should do that. I don’t like that very much in the beginning. I think most of the developer don’t like that. But after certain time, I find that it is benefit to me, I have good coding style and it is also good for other colleagues if they will work on that later.

When this project is done, I begin to transfer the existing system using the techniques I have used in that small project. It works well and the company don’t have to pay for the plug-in used in the current system, like Telerik controls.

Something about living in here:

Sometimes we have coffee break in the afternoon. German people are interested in Chinese history and even some political topics. I don’t like these topics that much but like the cakes more, most of girls will agree with my idea.

By the way, the company will buy insurance for us. The insurance is Care College Basic provided by Care Concept AG. For the accommodation, it is little difficult to find room in Hamburg in a short time. But our colleagues will help us to find room.