APTools (Beiersdorf AG)

Beiersdorf AG

Founded in 1880, Beiersdorf AG has become an internationally leading brand company in the area of skin and beauty care. Internationally leading brands such as NIVEA, Eucerin, and La Prairie, an experience of more than 125 years in research and development and global presence characterize the company. Beiersdorf employs approximately 18,000 employees in more than 150 affiliate companies all over the world.

Task Setting

The packaging is the face of a product. Therefore, packaging development for a company like Beiersdorf is vital. The development of a package from the initial idea through to design and from the design to production is another differentiated production process, which involved many specialists whom work together closely. Therefore, something is needed to improve the efficiency of the production life cycles and processes.


We have developed a workflow system for all that are involved in the process, e.g. Product Managers, Final Artwork Managers, Recipe Developers, Production Planners and Package Developers, to initiate new developments, distribute and re-launches occuring tasks as these task are interrelated. The sequence of tasks are controlled so that tasks can be assigned only when the necessary preparations are completed. The system guarantees a high transparency at all times. Another key feature is the convenient export function: the collected parts lists can be transferred into the SAP production systems automatically with minimal effort.

Technologies Employed

MSSQL Server 2000, MS Access, VBA