BSS System Availabilities (Beiersdorf Shared Services GmbH)

Beiersdorf Shared Services GmbH (BSS)

BSS provides accounting and information sytem (IS) services for Beiersdorf companies in more than 70 countries using over 11,000 clients. The range of products comprises more than 180 products and services, including consulting, development of business processes, realization and implementation of projects such as the implementation of SAP modules, worldwide user support, hosting of Beiersdorf systems, WAN operation, global e-mail-service and services in the field of Hauptbuchhaltung, Anlagenbuchhaltung, and receivables and liablities.

Task Setting

BSS operates a large number of crucial systems used all over the world (follow the sun). The maintenance of said systems cannot be performed without interfering with employees’ work or processes.
While maintenance processes such as upgrades are essential, it is almost impossible to directly notify all affected employees because in most cases it is hard to narrow down the relevant group of people.


We have developed a system providing information on planned outages such as system halts due to planned maintenance activities and similar “road works”. This includes an application used by the persons in charge of the system for the decentralized entry of planned timeouts as well as a website listing timeouts by application groups in chronological order. The result: a high value of information due to clear representation and worldwide availability.

Technologies Employed

Programming languages: C#, XHTML, JavaScript